HD Homelift Solutions

HD Homelift Solutions Corp. is a certified partner of Aritco Lifts.

Lift commonly known as elevator to Filipinos, is an essential platform to carry passengers from one level to another.

“In the Philippines, the number of older people is increasing rapidly, faster than growth in the total population.”

- www.ageingasia.org

Filipino families are looking for ways to age in place, HD Homelift can help you with that and to maintain a level of comfort and mobility throughout the years.

As value oriented individuals, “maasahan” is the key in terms of selecting brands.

Reliable. Dependable.

Our partnership with Aritco enables us to provide our clients with customized lifts from Aritco factory in Sweden to fit in your home in terms of comfort, functionality and design.

We provide lift solutions to both new and existing buildings that will make every corner of your home accessible to all family members.